Cogitation Project

I didn’t have any plans on buying anything from this collection because simply (a) I don’t have any experience with mineralize anything from MAC and (2) all the other products from the collection simply didn’t interest me enough to buy. A couple of days ago I went inside a MAC store to browse and one of the SA’s eyeshadow was so pretty and asked her what product she used. She said she used the dark half of Supersweet Mineralize ES from the Chen Man Collection. She used a black base because it was too pastel colored for her. I’ve never had experience using a very dark base so I thought this is a nice way to practice. I bought Supersweet as well as Pink Union.

After I’ve cleaned and moisturized my face, here are the products I’ve used in order of use…

Benefit Porefessional primer
Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting…

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