Cogitation Project

My package came in today right before leaving for Universal Studios. I couldn’t help myself so I swatched. I just used my iphone’s camera for this so bear with me. I will update this post with pics from my camera.


The picture below I took with iPhone camera indoors. Swatches are according to order on the kaleidoscope with the last one being the layered effect from top to bottom.


The photo below is taken in sunlight.


I have to say this kaleidoscope is truly more beautiful in person. The shades are velvety, highly pigmented & easy to blend. I could see myself using the first 3 shades for a luxe version of a warm nude eye and all shades layered for a smoky look. It’s the neked palette on steroids 🙂 LMdB never ceases to wow me on the products they put out. I can’t wait to play with this…

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