Cogitation Project

When I called Saks in San Francisco and placed my order, I was greeted by Richard and Kimberly who were both very warm and accommodating. However, I was greeted with surprise when I opened the package with my very own Golden Gate Girl. I took time taking pictures because of my surprise gift and the fact that everything looks perfect, undamaged and undisturbed. I know of people receiving their packages tattered like this lady on tPF…click HERE.

Take a look…

Before I go into my FOTD, I just wanted to say that this k-scope took me by surprise. I bought it because my gut told me to. I’ve never been disappointed with any of the k-scopes that I bought and so I had hopes and after ordering I never thought much about it. I was really pleasantly surprised when I started swatching it because not only were the colors…

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