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Pure Chromatics No 9 is part of a trio that’s new for Summer 2012. I’m new to the brand and what better introduction than through it’s Pure Chromatics line of eye palettes.

What says about them…

What it is:
Water-activated eye shadow palettes in colors that transform into a radiant, intense, metallic finish.

What it does:
These eye shadows can be used dry, like a traditional eye shadow, for a subtle shimmering effect, or wet, for a full-intensity pigment metallic finish. These remarkable properties give everyone the freedom to create any kind of eye look from simple to dramatic in seconds.

What else you need to know:
Yves Saint Laurent labs have invented the “water process” Pure Chromatics eye shadow. This process uses water, in place of a solvent, to develop the formula. Once pigments are mixed with water, dry, pure-pigmented powders are left with a very high level…

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