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I blogged about YSL Pure Chromatics No 9 HERE. And now we have YSL Pure Chromatics No 8. It is a shimmery collection of champagne, golden beige, copper brown and olive green.

According to Sephora’s website:

What it is:
Water-activated eye shadow palettes in colors that transform into a radiant, intense, metallic finish.

What it does:
These eye shadows can be used dry, like a traditional eye shadow, for a subtle shimmering effect, or wet, for a full-intensity pigment metallic finish. These remarkable properties give everyone the freedom to create any kind of eye look from simple to dramatic in seconds.

What else you need to know:
Yves Saint Laurent labs have invented the “water process” Pure Chromatics eye shadow. This process uses water, in place of a solvent, to develop the formula. Once pigments are mixed with water, dry, pure-pigmented powders are left with a very high level…

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