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Messy Wands has already discussed this topic in detail and I pretty much echo her sentiments. I would still like to stick to collecting the kaleidoscopes and I’m entering this “hobby” knowing full well that I will encounter dupes. Having said that, I will be very very sad and disappointed if they release an exclusive, limited edition kaleidoscope that is made up of entirely dupes. Now that’s a different story. *crossing fingers*

Anyway…somebody asked me on Facebook if I found dupes on the newly released Neiman Marcus Northbrook exclusive (therefore limited edition) Oak St. Beach Kaleidoscope. That question triggered this post. As of this post, I own 12 eye, 2 combo, 1 blush and 1 lip kaleidoscope. I am not an expert nor a professional anything (that is remotely related to beauty). What I can do is take pictures and swatches and compare them to the best of my ability…

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