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Le Metier de Beaute’s Mount Diablo Eye Kaleidoscope was released as a limited edition, exclusive to Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek (in California) commemorating said store’s grand opening. I’ve actually written a blog post on it, read HERE. At this moment, Mount Diablo is already sold out. By request, I am doing another dupes kind of post to see if any of the shades in the Mount Diablo is a dupe of any of the shades from previously released kaleidoscopes (or recently released ones). I have expressed my opinion about dupes in a previous post, read HERE.

On to the business at hand, shall we?

First shade, Castle Rock, is a satin pink with subtle shimmer.

I’ve narrowed it down some more…

The way I do my “research” into finding dupes is I look at the pan and see which are the shades I thought would look like the reference…

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