Cleopatra Exhibit (California Science Center) – 07.08.2012


We went to the California Science Center because Cleopatra is on exhibit. B did her very first paper on her for her history class. Being that it was her first ever paper, I helped (that being the term) her with research. So we were both excited to see the exhibit. J on the other hand is bored to death, poor kid.

We started our visit with a movie in the IMAX theatre, Mysteries of Egypt. Then we proceeded to the exhibit. One thing I learned was that Cleopatra’s tomb is still yet to be found (never knew that part) and the hunt for it is still ongoing by the same group responsible for the exhibit.

It was a very nice 2 hours spent just appreciating Cleopatra’s life. Most of all, the mom in me is happy that my daughter remembered things she has learned from 6th grade.

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