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UPDATE (08.08.2012 8:08am): I knew I was missing something in this post…SWATCH PHOTO!!! Yes, now this post is complete. Scroll down for the swatch photo 🙂


If you know me, you know that these are my kind of colors. So naturally I had to have it. And I love it.



What’s not to love? Colors are easy to play up or play down. Texture is spot on. I can easily pick up pigment with easy blend ability. Both shades are highly pigmented. I am in love 🙂 You would be too. I have to let you know that I’m very poor at naming colors so bear with me. The lighter coppery-gold shade works beautifully as a warm wash of color. You can wear it alone with lots of mascara for that understated glow-y eye look or smudge the darker khaki-brown-ish color on the lash line to create a warm smokey…

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