Cogitation Project

I was at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills over the weekend for InCircle event when Scott (LMdB’s product specialist)  told me that Bauhaus eye and lip kits are available. I was ecstatic because NMBH usually gets its supply late in the ball game. Not this time though…

Before I go on I would like to say that this particular kaleidoscope is as usual impeccable. Packaging is the same as always, in a sleek matte black box. The kaleidoscope itself is wrapped in black wrapping paper encased in bubble wrap. Pans were not loose and they weren’t wiggling. Texture is per usual, finely milled and like butter to touch. Pigmentation is superb as you will see as you scroll down to swatches. I will address the issue of duplicity in a little bit. And this will only be an issue if you practically own all of their products. But if you are…

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