list the things that always cheer you up

  • random videos on YouTube or Facebook that “restores your faith in humanity” or videos that beckons the appearance of the onion ninja
  • for whatever reason, my kids find me funny and it cheers me up to see them laugh (sometimes hysterically) at what I say. I am apparently the funniest person they know. (poor kids ha ha ha)
  • soup – I don’t know why. Every time I get over a sickness or feeling particularly lonely sad, I look for soup. It does not cheer me up in a hippity hoppity kind of way but it does make me feel good.
  • LA Kings warm up skate at the Staples Center. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. One thing you have to know about me, I love the Los Angeles Kings. Before each home game, they are out on the ice for about 15-20 minutes warming up. There are no seat assignments at this time and you are free to go all the way to the glass. The house dj is pumping out dance music and it is just electrifying. Analogy: some die hard fans wait for their idol on tv, radio, snapchat, IG, etc and get excited by it and then they see them live…that feeling but my rock stars are hockey stars.
  • when I “discover” a new thing – like the Trader Joe’s Brioche Bread (perfect for french toast but even better for grilled cheese), Opal Apples (perfect blend of tart and sweet and they don’t brown after slicing), freezing grapes and grazing on them instead of candy or peanuts

Let me give  you a background on why I chose this list. A little over a week ago I had to undergo an emergency eye surgery for retinal detachment. It was one of the scariest experiences I have to go through. With post-op recovery that limits me in a lot of ways. For the first time I can’t come and go as I please (despite the availability of uber). My other eye is good but sometimes I get headaches and eye pain from moving them too much. So I have to depend on others. I’m feeling a little down and I want to cheer up. I’ve done all of the above post-op with the exception of the warm up skate which I’ve done multiple times before but not since the surgery. This Tuesday, I will be there and I will share the experience. I can’t wait.

xo, Emilie

p.s. I will add to the list as I experience a new thing or remember something.


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