thoughts: Rockets of Awesome

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contents of Rockets of Awesome Spring Box 2017

I found a sponsored ad for Rockets of Awesome on Facebook and I was intrigued by it. So I signed up and anxiously waited for my son’s first box. The idea is that you get a box per season with 8 to 12 pieces of clothing that you can mix and match. You can try it at home and return shipping is free. You can return using the box or there’s a return packet inside the package. I regret not taking unboxing pictures or even a video. Anyway, when you sign up you get to fill out a style file and update it as needed especially the size. The box that we got is totally up my son’s style. The quality is comparable to retail stores. Styling is totally on point (hate using that phrase but it totally applies in this case). If you have returns, you have to do it within 5 days (received by them within 10 days) after receiving the box to avoid getting charged for the whole box, should you not make it in time just let them know via email. Also note on your account online which items are you returning. More info can be found on their FAQ section.



For this outfit it costs $119/4 RoA items, not including shoes and sunglasses; tax excluded. Perfect for the SoCal weather.




It was Spring Picture Day at school and this is what he wore. $56 for the 3 RoA items is not bad. Layering is key when it’s warm and sunny mid day but chilly during the rest of the day.



I love that our box contained one dressier outfit, we’ve dressed it down or up and I’ve loved how it looked each time. This base outfit is $40 for 2 RoA items.


IMG_0950Post practice/private lesson requires clothing that’s light and comfortable and this came knit short is perfect paired with his team shirt.



Another thing that I love about the way Rockets of Awesome box is curated. It contains an outfit for an active boy lifestyle. Here is my son during kickboxing class. $36 for 2 RoA items.



Another active pairing using the same short from previous outfit but paired with a different shirt. Perfect for active time.

While it may not necessarily be the cheapest pieces of clothing out there but we have washed, dried and reused all of these items since getting the box first week of March. It has been almost 7 weeks and we couldn’t be happier. We kept the whole box of 12 items and it set us back at $229.

We couldn’t wait for our next box.

see you soon,


This is not a sponsored post. However, if someone signs up using my link my son gets a free item on his next box. LINK HERE. Thanks!

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