Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4DX experience

We are not new to the 4DX experience but we are new to CGV brand of movie theaters. And let me just say that I am in love.

We usually watch 4DX movies at Downtown LA’s LA Live location of Regal Cinemas. However, I was very unlucky in scoring tickets Monday to Wednesday after the movie came out. I was under the impression that Regal Cinema LA Live was the only one offering 4DX in Southern California but my search led me to CGV Buena Park 8. Considerably further than Regal LA Live plus the traffic (omg!). We are located 35 miles from CGV Buena Park. We had tickets to the 4:40pm showing but according to Waze, ETA was 5:20pm. So what I did was return my tickets on Fandango (thank goodness it has that option) and bought tickets for the 7:30pm showing. On a summer weekday, it took us 3 hours 30 mins to travel 35 miles. Did I anticipate that? Not really. I knew there was traffic but not 3.5 hours. Now I know better.

As for watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingsom in 4DX vs regular/3D/imax. In my opinion, this movie is best experienced in the 4DX format. The movie is a virtual ride from beginning to end. Some jerking motions made by the chair is a little strong for small children and they might get scared so parents should really take note of this. Such an active moviegoing experience though. Perfect movie to experience 4DX for the first time.

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