Cogitation Project

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I feel like I don’t have the right much less the guts to do this kinds of beauty post because I feel like I’m not a beauty/ I’m not beautiful. And yes…I know everybody are beautiful in their own way and so with that I’m sort of documenting my journey to self-love, self-appreciation and working with beautiful things (super pretty and colorful makeup that is).

So why did I choose makeup instead of exercise to boost my self-confidence? I actually did not chose one over the other because I’m doing both, I just chose to blog about makeup. Both are confidence boosters, one’s instant gratification via looking pretty and the other through endorphins released during (or was it after? anyways…) exercise.

I’m still new at this and I’m still doing trials and errors on stuff, finding out what works out the best for me. Pictures are from…

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