Happy 2016

It is officially 2016 and I am posting from the awesome iOS WordPress app. The previous version of this app was, excuse me, crappy which did not help me in my quest to blog often.

Well, we just finished the countdown and jumped up and down and had some more food to welcome the new year. 

It was also my first time using the app Snapchat (username FoodGlossEtc of course!) and kinda documented our night over there. 
One thing I want to start doing this year is completing a list weekly from the book, “the 52 list project” by Moorea Seal.

If you want to join me please visit  #52ListsProject to look at the lists and join me. I haven’t decided on a posting day yet but my first list will be List 1: list your goals and dreams for this year.


Comment with your link if you want to join, I will definitely read. 


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