Is trust lost in travel hockey?


I am a very trusting person. Gullible even. So when you say you wanted my commitment to the team and I’ve agreed to the commitment, I will honor that and if for some reason I can’t then I will give everybody the respect and give an explanation which may or may not be an excuse depending on the situation.

Let me tell you what happened. An older group of squirt families asked our younger group if we can form a team for Easter tourney. And the acting manager of this team asked for our commitment through memorial day tourney. The team started practicing 2 weeks before tourney at twice per week. Come tourney weekend, we were a hot mess. I expected that, but the other group actually expected that we were going to do good. Seriously? The kids barely knew each other, the coach changed up the lines each shift and our goalies came fresh from in-house. And we were playing Squirt A with teams from Arizona that are in their outgoing Squirt season. Meaning they have been playing Squirts for a while and by end of April they are officially Peewees. Imagine? Right? Fast forward to our team’s try outs for the Memorial Day Tourney, none of this kids showed up. Except for one. But this other kid is gone as well as all the others who have gone to different clubs. Talk about stabbing someone in the back.



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