came back only to disappear again…status of my eye health

A few posts back I said that I’m back to blogging. But last week I wasn’t able to post and/or schedule any post at all. Here’s the thing, Beginning of March 2017 I had partial retinal detachment and needed emergency eye surgery for it. I was still in recovery when a new tear presented on the same eye and my doctor decided to do treat it with laser. Part of the recovery was to be face-down at all times (as much as humanly possibly at least). And so I was not really able to be active on the laptop as I can. Right now I’m on face-down 50% of the time and with that I would like to post as much as I can. I still can’t drive, can’t really do much. Just trying to stay healthy. So if you’re reading this, thank you and please keep me in your prayers as I need it.

much love, Emilie


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