The hope is not to raise a future pro hockey player but a stellar man. If it happens that part of his future is pro hockey then we welcome it. The ultimate goal is to become a positive contributing member to the society. My job as a mom is to guide him, make decisions towards those goals. The hard work is all his. I always told him, if you want it (pro hockey) be prepared to bleed for it. I was speaking metaphorically but it may very well happen for real. I cannot forget what Patrick Laine said during his draft year. He said “Be prepared because it is painful. You are away a lot of the times from your parents, you get sick, you get hurt a lot.”

He’s already got the hard work part down because that kid works hard like no other kid I know. Always willing to work and give it his 110% all the time because he knows mama does not do 99%. 

Why I gravitated towards Patrick Laine more than Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews? I feel for the underdog. The one who’s never picked first. Because that’s my son. Always overlooked. 

Someday all the stars will align for him and he will have his moment.

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