quick trip to LA’s one and only Starbucks Reserve

~~~~~@purchased by me@~~~~~

I’ve been wanting to go to this place for the longest time. I don’t care what people say about Starbucks, I love it. Drive-thru option is very convenient for me when I’m in a bind. I go to one when I have to finish a video of my son’s team. Sometimes I just hang out because I needed a break.

This place is supposedly only one of a few in the United States. The “mothership” is the one in Seattle (understandably).

The space used to be La Boulange which I believe was Starbucks-owned until it folded. The space is bright, plenty of seating area (which were all occupied on a Sunday afternoon) and there’s street parking and a dedicated parking in the rear.

Unique to Reserve Starbucks are special menu items. At the time of our visit (April 2, 2017), they have Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha, The Melrose and Classic Affogato as well as coffee + ice cream selections. They also have a coffee bar area where you can have your coffee prepared in your choice of style: Clover-brewed, pour over, coffee press, siphon or chemex.

I came with the whole family and while they chose their usual, I opted to try The Melrose which is cold brewed coffee, demerara syrup (syrup made with demerara or turbinado  sugar), bitters, shaken with a cherry. I’ve never taken my coffee without milk or creamer before, never liked it without but this drink changed my mind. I enjoyed it so much. And how cute is that cup? I want more *silently sobs*.

So now the magical question is … how am I ever going to go back to regular ol’ Starbucks?

the sad foodie,

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